Fatek iAccess


Devices within arm's length, no matter how far away they are.

iAccess IoT Service lets you easily and safely operate and maintain remote devices even when complex firewalls and routers are involved. Remote devices scattered in all places are within your reach, no matter how far away they are.

Maintenance x Monitor x Passthrough x Location

Project upload and download

For remote project uploading and downloading and software updates on devices, there is no longer a need to go to great lengths to rush to the location of a device. You can update and debug projects in any place and at any time and keep devices and projects in their best condition at all times.

Screen Monitoring
Fully project the current actual screen of the device and even able to show the
surveillance cameras screen. Real-time operations on all screens are
accommodated, creating an ultra-real remote operation experience as if the
device is right in front of you.

Through the device’s passthrough feature, even other brands of controllers without network connection or IoT features can achieve the remote maintenance feature through the FATEK device. FATEK will assist existing equipment in achieving unmet functional requirements without the need to replace it.

Firewalls and Routers
Only the customer’s ID and password are required to quickly establish a safe and reliable real-time connection. There is absolutely no need for any firewall or router settings. What’s more, exposing the domain to danger due to setting changes will not be a cause for concern at all