Fatek iLocation


Display various devices and locations scattered in all places

 iLocation IoT services can clearly display devices and locations on the map. A dynamic update feature is also supported, thus further achieving dynamic tracking and trajectory tracking applications. The map display method ensures more intuitive device monitoring and substantively enhances group management efficiency.

Location x positioning x tracking

Device Location
Dynamic Tracking

  Device location

A special register for GPS coordinates is provided. The coordinates can be entered directly, or values ​​can be written after connecting to a GPS module. Devices with GPS parameters can clearly display data through the monitoring platform. It can more conveniently and intuitively conduct device monitoring while substantively enhancing group management efficiency.

 Dynamic tracking

The monitoring platform continues to update the current GPS coordinates of a device and display it on the map. The dynamic update feature not only ensures the accuracy of the current location but also further archives dynamic tracking and trajectory tracking applications as needed.