Fatek Internet of Things

FATEK IoT Platform 

A device now within arm’s length makes monitoring and maintenance easy. 

Climbing the brand walls, no matter what you used in the past,  we can now provide you with the best solution. 


Easy integration with Industry 

With the Fatek IoT, monitoring devices is in your fingertips. You can achieve remote maintenance, data access and data log through a variety of platforms via web browsers and apps. Accessing the service is simple yet secured. 


W2C Communication module No longer restricted by wiring 

Get IP quickly through APP        

Can be monitored and maintained by WinProladder        

PLC can be monitored by HMI        

The best choice for building automation and special applications



PLC directly to cloud

FATEK PLC can be directly connected to
the cloud to easily meet remote monitoring requirements without having to
go through HMI or IoT gateway, thereby substantively reducing hardware
costs (FATEK HMI can also be directly connected to the cloud). 

Remote maintenance  

It can remotely maintain FATEK HMI and
PLC projects of different brands with ease. There is no need to rush to
the location of a device, thereby saving time and maintenance costs 

Remote monitor and control 

Two remote monitoring options are
available. The most suitable service may be selected to suit different


Affordable IoT Solution  

FATEK HMI-FATEK PLC can be directly
connected to the cloud without having to go through the IoT gateway, thereby
substantively reducing system and configuration costs. 

Fatek  Devices 

FATEK HMI – FATEK PLC with internet
can be imported to IoT applications by entering the key and activation
account without the need to replace hardware or install additional

No ethernet device 

Even for wireless equipment, remote
monitoring and maintenance can be done through FATEK HMI’s IoT feature and
complete driver support without having to worry about existing equipment
lagging behind the IoT wave 

No Fixed IP – Complex Firewall /

Through FATEK IoT solutions,
connection with remote devices without a fixed IP - firewall - router can be
easily established 


Scattered Devices 

itself can achieve IoT applications without having to install an additional IoT
gateway. It is especially intended for application scenarios where device
data is scattered in all places but needs to be monitored at once 




Monitor multiple devices data at the same time

Set multi-group alarm conditions and notifications

Support multi-group data log and storage

Data can be presented as a trend graph

Exclusive APP can keep up with information at any time

Can monitor and set the relay or register data of each device

Support multi-group data log tasks

The data is completely stored in the cloud space, and can be exported and read at any time.

Store device data securely in the cloud database

Complete export historical data at any time

Alarm notification can be sent via SMS, email or app

Can record alarm status, and monitor and grasp the immediate situation at any time

Display historical or real-time data as a trend graph

Analyze and compare data changes more intuitively

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Easily access and maintain remote devices from anywhere 

Easy to remote software maintenance and system update        

Support FATEK PLC passthrough and project update        

Real-time data can be drawn as a trend graph        

Exclusive APP can monitor in real time        

No need to fix IP, firewall and router settings.        

Save service costs        

Quickly optimize production processes and enhance competitiveness        

Smart manufacturing

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Show device location at a glance 

Display device location on Google map for easy management and monitoring        

Dedicated GPS location register, can arbitrarily configure the required location information  

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