The Windows PC’s powerful computing power, large memory capacity, flexible open system environment, and plentiful Fv Designer can be easily integrated with other automation equipment and meet your automation needs.

  • As long as the FvRT key is installed, FvDesigner can be run on the computer, turning the computer into a powerful control and monitoring center 
  • Powerful and intuitive programming software, increase program development efficiency
  • Support FATEK IoT and Cloud Platform
  • Support MQTT protocol, connect with major cloud platforms seamlessly
  • Highly Integrated with FATEK PLC  

Alarm, Trend, Data Log, E-mail, Camera

Set the threshold value for monitoring system status

Send important messages to recipients through triggered alarm

Attached the alarm information and the captured camera image on site

Data can be exported to the assigned location automatically


Security and Safety Control

Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Pay by Installments

Update User Accounts / Passwords Via External Storage  

On-Off Delay


Data Transfer

Multi-Link, PLC connected to Master HMI can be accessed by Slave HMI

Data Transfer from a predefined source to a target address under user-defined condition

Modbus gateway

User-defined protocol