WECON VNET IoT SYSTEM – Internet of Things

Wecon VNET lloT System

Wecon VNET System and V-BOX are designed to provide a safe and reliable industrial-loT system to users which ends independent operation of each device. We have used the latest technologies of Clouds, loT and Internet. The advanced concept and technology of Industry 4.0 facilitates small and medium scale industry to reduce information flow and management cost as well as increase productivity. It also helps to enhance after-sales services.

V-BOX main features

  • Most brands of PLCs and controllers are supported;
  • To obtain data through Serial communication (RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet) from controllers;
  • It connects to cloud platform through 2G / 3G / 4G / Ethernet;
  • OPC access, HTTP developer interface;
  • Historical data and alarm data that stored in the cloud can be exported as needed;
  • PLC remote monitoring and remote pie program download via VPN by remote serial port and Ethernet;
  • With the v-cloud platform, users can edit the project online freely at anytime and anywhere.

The centrally monitor and view account configuration are also available.


V-Box Cloud configure platform can collect the information from the devices, summary all the data across several V-boxes, then displays the data in a more easy-to-understand way, and stores necessary data for analyzing or sending command.

After the settings are completed, the configuration screens can be viewed synchronously on the V-Box APP and V-Box PC end software. It could be a better remote monitoring solution for industry filed.

  • Centralized Monitoring : Sophisticated, intuitive and clear, group management
  • Project Management : Manage each project in all aspects and coordinate the editing design.
  • Login free browsing : Share monitoring screens, non-registered accounts can browse screen.
  • Template Design : The resolution is as small as 256 * 160 and as large as 1920 * 1080, which supports customization to meet different users
  • Configuration Interface : Exquisite pictures, large-capacity, cross-box data integration
  • Browse Interface : Dynamic interface, exquisite, intuitive, real-time data and alarms information
  • Authority Management : Set subordinate account permissions, assign permission to different projects to ensure data security.